Welcome to this website about globalization, communication and social network sites. Since its introduction, the World Wide Web has not only become very diffuse, but has also been rapidly changing and evolving at the same time. Today the World Wide Web has become an integral part of our lives.

Although people, and especially young people, use the web for both instrumental and communication purposes, the latter are particularly present in their lives. In this research we focus on social network site Hyves, which is a Dutch social network site existing since 2004. The aim of this website is to give an overview of the different theories on globalization and communication and the way these theories are applicable to Hyves.
Through a case study, we research the way our own Hyves-network is spread geographically and the way Hyves is used in this network as a medium of communication. We are especially interested in the local versus the more ‘non-local’ use of Hyves within the network.

This website is made in the context of a course in the master’s degree in Cultural Geography, called ‘Global Village’. The course is given by the Faculty of Spatial Sciences at the University of Groningen.

On our website, especially in the theoretical framework, many concepts are being used. Whenever you would like to know in detail what a concept is about, just click on the term and the definition will appear.